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Russian Syrniki (cottage cheese small pancakes)


Syrniki are made from creamy quark, mixed with flour, eggs, and sugar. The soft mixture is shaped into cakes, which are fried, generally in vegetable oil. The outside becomes crisp, and the center is warm and creamy. They are sweet and served for breakfast or dessert.

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Cottage Cheese 500 g
Egg 1
Flour 10 tbsp
Sugar 2-4 tbsp
Butter 25 g
Vegetable oil 25 g


  • Mix the cottage cheese with the egg, sugar and 5 tbsp of flour:

  • Pour the rest of the flour in a bowl;

  • Drop the mixture from tip of tablespoon into the bowl;

  • Dip you hands in flour (so that the cottage cheese mixture does not stick to your hands) and shape the mixture into ball;

  • Then form a patty by flattening it in your hands about 1 cm or 0.5 inch thick and smoothing the edges:

  • Heat a small skillet; grease with vegetable oil and butter lightly;

  • Place the syrniki on the hot skillet and brown on both sides:

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  • Serve syrniki hot with thick sour cream, milk, honey, or jam:

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Syrniki with Raisins
Russian Syrniki (cottage cheese small pancakes)
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