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Syrniki with Raisins

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Cottage Cheese 500 g
Raisins 100 g
Egg 1
Flour 10 tbsp
Sugar 2-3 tbsp
Butter 25 g
Vegetable oil 25 g


  • Mix the cottage cheese with the raisins, egg, sugar and 5 tbsp of flour;

  • Drop the mixture from tip of tablespoon into a bowl with the rest of the flour;

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  • Dip you hands in flour (so that the cottage cheese mixture does not stick to your hands) and shape the mixture into ball:

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  • Then form a patty by flattening it in your hands about 1 cm or 0.5 inch thick and smoothing the edges:

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  • Heat a small skillet; grease with vegetable oil and butter lightly;

  • Place the syrniki on the hot skillet and brown on both sides:

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  • Serve syrniki hot with thick sour cream, milk, honey, or jam:

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Syrniki with Raisins
Russian Syrniki (cottage cheese small pancakes)
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